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Tom Sattler



Tom Sattler



Class Year

C13 (2017 -2018)

Location (City, State)

Denver, CO

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Tom Sattler is building more than homes in the greater Denver metropolitan area, he’s building a legacy fixed on the firm foundation of Christ.  Tom has been building extraordinary custom homes in Colorado for more than 30 years and is known as a highly sought after, building contractor.  Tom is described as a builder with astute attention to detail, showcasing the finest craftsmanship and architectural integrity.  He is credited with taking custom home building to “an unprecedented level, creating a collection of pre-designed, pre-priced homes that buyers can build anywhere.”  Tom describes his focus on customer service and value he brings to every aspect of his business and it revolves around creating a more positive experience for his customers.  Tom’s reputation as an award-winning builder has many customers returning to build with him again and again.  Although this reputation and acclaimed career would be enough for most, Tom wasn’t completely satisfied that he was using his gifting for God’s kingdom.  As a businessman, Tom felt a calling to use his skill set ordained by God to live a life for something greater than himself. 

Although Tom was raised in a Christian home, he describes his Christian experience as checking the boxes and going through the motions.  The deeper relationship with Christ came later.  “It was in 2008 when the economy crashed and the building market was greatly affected.  God got my attention,” describes Tom.  “It gave me a sense to pause and asked the question, what is my value?  Since God owns everything and my value is in God, if my financial situation changes, I’ve lost nothing.  I placed the greatest value in my own success, including my own financial success,” said Tom.  With the new mindset, “God owns my business,” Tom made a commitment to live a life for the kingdom in wholeheartedly serving in his vocation.

Tom describes wanting to live out his calling as part of the gospel and living it out through his daily work efforts.  Tom posed the question to himself, “What difference can I make?”  And his answer was to set his compass under God’s control, using Biblical authority as his guide.   Tom would allow God to work out the details of the calling.  That was when Tom, after listening to Breakpoint, encountered the Colson Fellows Program.  “The Colson Fellows Program hit me at a critical point, it was important timing,” he said. “The Colson Fellows reset my thinking and gave me solid Christian worldview training. Prior to going through the Fellows program, not only did I not understand worldview, I did not have a clarity between secular and Christian worldviews. Today, as a result of Colson Fellows, I have laser focus on this and work toward continuing to hone this distinction. The concept has become so engrained in my brain that my filter is finely tuned to visualize every aspect of our culture and our surroundings through the lens of a Christian worldview. The Colson program lit the flame to set forth in me a passion to continually learn, absorb, expand and to live out the Christian worldview through everything I do.”

Tom began to seek out relationships to further sharpen and strengthen his ministry training that he received through the Colson Fellows Program.  One of those individuals that he would meet with each month at a coffee shop was Caleb Davidson.  Caleb worked with an organization called Leadership International and described the organizations frequent trips Africa and Asia.   Tom was intrigued and said, “when the opportunity comes up, I’d love to go with you.”  As Caleb progressed into the role of Vice President with the organization, that opportunity presented itself to travel with Leadership International to Zimbabwe and South Africa in early 2020 (prior to the COVID-19 travel restrictions).  It was a 2-week trip focused on meeting with ministry partners and teaching at different seminars.  Tom describes the trip, “I was blessed to join three other men who helped bring encouraging words to pastors and bible college students.  The mission was to come alongside the pastors and church leaders with biblical teaching, training, and to provide them with resources.”  Joining Caleb and Tom, along for the trip was Jeff DeClue, Associate Pastor at Calvary in Englewood, and lastly Chad Olivier. Chad, like Tom came from the construction industry and recently completed a leadership program at Denver Seminary.  The four men were well situated for the trip and had a strong spiritual impact through their presentations and trainings. 

“Our team traveled and taught at multiple places in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Not surprising, these African leaders had not heard presentations on the necessity for understanding worldview.  This was an incredible trip. We blessed others with God’s call, but even more we were blessed by these soldiers for Christ,” describes Tom.  Tom used his worldview training that he received through the Colson Fellows Program, as well as a few insights from Dr. Bill Brown (Senior Fellow of Worldview and Culture and Dean, Colson Fellows Program) to instruct on topics such as: The Necessity of a Biblical Worldview, Faith in Workplace, and Managing Your Personal Life as a Leader.  Tom describes, “God was able to use me even if it wasn’t in my field of expertise.  God equipped me with what I needed to teach and that gave me confidence to carry it out.  I think it’s important to know that you have a voice and you need to use your voice to reinforce your Christ-centered worldview.  God opened up the door to use that voice with my trip to Africa and I’d enjoy going back again.”

Tom is continually pondering the question “How can I further the message of worldview within my community.”  Currently he is involved in prison and county jail ministry, supporting a homeless ministry, and Bible teaching along with promoting Christ centered worldview. On the horizon, Tom is organizing a building ministry concept, comparable to that of Habitat for Humanity.   Tom’s ministry, called Kingdom Builders and is in its early stages but is set to have impact on his community by allowing those without financial means to obtain housing by significantly reduced building fees and other fundraising efforts.  The future vision also includes working with the least, the lost and the last, to seek transformation through services by utilizing the love of Christ and to engage the lost and promote Christian worldview through retreats, seminars and classes raising up a new generation of Christ-centered warriors for the gospel.